This storyboard concept is for the opening title sequence for the hit television show “The Office”. The concept is based on the theme of a copy machine and a paper shredder. 
An analog approach was taken by manipulating the paper in its true form to create the typography. The grayscale images, communicated the mundaneness of office life, while the amusement of the typography aimed to hint at the personality of the characters. 
For instance, Steve Carell’s title comes straight from the source. A photocopy is made and the shredding begins. It spins off to Riann Wilson’s character, who is his side kick and #1 fan. Crumbled up, tiny pieces of paper depicting John Krasinki’s character hints at his procrastination and Jenna Fisher’s title makes use of the paper in a softer kind of way.
Ultimately, this was an exploration and experiment of how the subject and content can influence the form of the design.
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