EARKICK is a mobile application, which allows you to record, listen and share ten second audio clips. This high fidelity prototype features a UI, which utilizes an isometric grid and cube system, offering a unique approach to navigating a complex data structure. Each sound clip is represented by a cube. The cubes are organized into timelines, which intersect into searchable networks. These blocks can be manipulated in various ways, to reveal or hide related information.
Audio streams can be personal or can relate to different topics. Communities are built around subscribing to other users' streams and allowing others to listen to their own. When you make a connection, you have access to listen to outside streams. By hearing who's leaving audio on other streams, connections can be made, thus expanding your own personal social network.
The concept in centered on the value of voice communications within the social network space, rather than through the heavily adopted modes of text or visual media.
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