The Design High School is a charter high school that needed a complete identity package. The vision of The Design High School is to empower 9th –12th grade students from under-served areas of Los Angeles to be lifelong learners, problem-solvers and creative leaders.
The challenge was to reach the local community and communicate their credibility as an education solution.

In the research process, I wanted to immerse myself in the school. I became acquainted with the staff, faculty and students. I quickly realized that there were multiple points of view that needed to be represented.
A child may find the school appealing, but then the parent must be convinced. The teachers are passionate about the mission of the school, so that needed to be communicated as well.
The identity sprang from the diversity, color and vibrance of the school. The logo represents this in a mosaic form, while hinting at its partnership with Art Center College of Design.
I conducted an online written survey, a photo shoot, and video interviews, all of which inspired the design. I was amazed at how the identity accurately depicted the essence of the school. The identity package included logo, stationery, print collateral and a website.
The website includes video clips on the homepage, which express a variety of perspectives. In addition, the site includes online application submission.

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