The Huntington Audio Guide app enhances the in-person visitor experience in relation to the physical environment and objects. A highly effective minimal UI design approach was geared towards a universal audience, of all ages. Through a clean, simple interface, based on a familiar keypad system, specific audio tracks can be cued up instantly. 

Tours can also be selected by building or category. Interactive games, such as the Family Tour add a unique, fun way for engagement as well. Content includes The Huntington’s European and American art collections, guided by curators providing informative commentary about treasures from the collections. 

Ideally, the user’s attention is primarily focused on experiencing the actual environment and objects, with minimal interaction with a screen. Future versions have the potential to include different modes of input, such as proximity sensing, image recognition, or voice command, which could eliminate the need for a screen at all. 

Available for download from the App Store here and Google Play here.

Map of the The Huntington Art Gallery numerical system and tour categories..

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